Mira Wannous

Sales Representative

Areas Serviced: Fraser Valley, Vancouver


“I am not going to say that I live and breathe real estate. I am not someone who visits open houses in my spare time or wants to know how neighbours’ homes look inside. For me, real estate is simply the product I need to know the ins and outs of. But for me, it is the people I am helping – they are EVERYTHING to me. People own real estate for many different reasons; to create memories, to start and raise a family, to have a safe place to call home – a place to celebrate their lives with loved ones or as a strategy to invest in their future. Can you imagine that I am that lucky person who gets to witness the “moving” stage of this beautiful process? This is what I am deeply passionate about!!!! I call myself a real estate psychologist. I see people in all possible emotional states during this crazy process called buying or selling a home. Hope, fear, love, frustration, pure joy, anger, excitement, disappointment… doubt turned into trust…I witness it all. And I am here to guide my clients through this rollercoaster of emotions. My calling is to smooth out the edges:) and I absolutely love this process! I listen, I watch and my head is spinning trying to find the best recipe to achieve my client’s goals. I am there for my clients with my knowledge, experience, and patience… Market, stats, news, trends, mortgage, procedure, obligations, needs vs wants, deal breakers vs “would be nice” haves… I am here for them to make sense of all the (often contradicting) information that is out there in this 21st century. I am here to provide honest guidance so that in the end my clients have this amazing feeling of accomplishment and of having done the right thing in the right order with the right tools. Right?